After several years of experimenting with sound and motion to help capture the experience of creating and enjoying spaces that don't move much, I've added videos and multimedia productions to the mix of services I'm offering, now also including cinemagraphs, or “living photos”. It's been a challenge to get this right and I look forward to exploring it further with my clients and partners. Please inquire about other, ongoing projects or to discuss a video or multimedia project for your firm. Thanks for having a look.

Brunswick Bowling StringPin Pinsetter
Promotional Video

110 Seconds to Re-create a Promotional Event
at the Seattle Wholesale Growers Market

Helicopter Aerial Photography Video with
Seattle Photographer Andrew Buchanan

A Behind the Scenes Before-and-After
Architectural Photography video

Humorous Video to Promote a Professional Association

Multimedia Marketing Clip for FutureShack2010,
presented by AIA-Seattle